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The Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas.
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It is definitely very auspicious for the two publications of the University of Santo Tomas namely Philippiniana Sacra and the Boletin Eclesiastico to reinforce its definitive presence in the reading consciousness of its clientele. This means going to the level of having its own websites to make its Dominican message available. There is no turning back as we forge our motion towards progress and modernity during the Quadricentennial Celebration of UST’s existence as Dominican, Catholic, Pontifical and Royal University.

The Boletin Eclesiastico de Filipinas (BEF) is the official interdiocesan bulletin of the Catholic Philippines which the first editors at its foundation spelled out the inspiration of publication: “rendering a detailed account of Papal documents and of the decisions and decrees of the Roman Congregations.” The Boletin started as Boletin Official de Arzobispado de Manila in 1892. In 1923, the Bishops asked the University of Santo Tomas to take charge of the publication. Expectedly, all editors of the Boletin since then have been Dominican Priests. The publication was stopped momentarily from December 1941 to January 1946 on account of the war. Prior to 1960, the language of the Boletin was always in Spanish except the official documents which were published in English.

Today, the Boletin is published bi-monthly by the University of Santo Tomas. It contains an editorial, documentation, features, canon law section, history section and homiletics.

Now after 135 years, the Dominican Fathers of the University of Santo Tomas wish to thank the Lord for the gift and grace of perseverance in the publication apostolate. We all hope and pray that the Boletin Eclesiasticode Filipinas continue to remain faithful to the Holy Mother, the church.